SCT Speed Control Tool

Regulate velocity within the pipeline to optimise cleaning programs and surveys.


Pigs are designed for optimal cleaning at speeds of around 5 m/s. Above this speed poor cleaning can occur as it is possible for the pig to plane over deposits and liquids rather than pushing this debris. In large pipelines with ultra-high velocities, operators are reluctant to reduce flows for pigging, as this results in a reduction of revenue generating delivery. We have designed pigs specifically for these circumstances, which can react to changes in speed and automatically slow down or speed up.

The Speed Control Tool (SCT) constantly monitors and records its surrounding environment and adjusts gas bypass through the pig to control velocity to within user specified limits.

As well as controlling tool speed the SCT electronics also log useful environmental data including pipeline pressure, differential pressure, pipeline temperature and six axis acceleration. This is downloaded post run and can be analysed to give further pipeline information.

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