Why P2D?

P2D serves the Energy, Oil and Gas industry by providing distinctive pipeline intelligent cleaning & maintenance and pigging management support.

With data and insights transforming our industry sector, P2D remains at the forefront of critical quality data capture and analytics, allowing customers to respond resiliently and competitively to the real challenges they face.

P2D are unique in our ability to:

  • Instrument and add actionable intelligence to your existing routine cleaning pigs via our ‘Retrofit’ offering. This will ensure you have the information you need to assess the performance of, and optimise, the routine pigging programme to ensure your production is maximised and operational risks are reduced
  • Understand your requirements and deliver the results you value in this challenging market

Our key differentiator lies in our appreciation of what you value & engineering our response through our distinctive integrated value propositions:

  • An optimisation of pipelines
    • Increased velocities through your pipelines
    • Mitigation of corrosion risks
    • Reducing uncertainty of inspection procedures
  • An avoidance of costs through your improved operating disciplines

Other reasons for why you should work with P2D?

  • There will be no compromise on data integrity & expert interpretation
  • Respected collaboration across all tiers of the Oil and Gas industry
  • Responding / setting the pace of technology advancement
  • Innovative approach to design & build
  • Technology Knowledge Management
  • Our response to you is global
  • Trusted delivery model

The reality of our industry:

  • Many of your pipeline assets have been around for a long time and require sustained care to add value, to maximise your asset base and extend the life of your assets
  • Focus on risk mitigation, pressure on no incidents and increased expectation to be even safer
  • Calls for technical innovation and pipeline optimisation through collaboration
  • Decommissioning on the horizon
  • Low oil price environment

We are focused on delivering value to you by:

  • Developing our people to grow within existing relationships with our customers on a solid platform of technical excellence
  • Continuing our R&D programmes to deliver future value to you
  • Becoming a customer connected organisation to deliver the results you need:
    • Hydrocarbon containment
    • Elimination of failures
    • Mitigation of risk in particular of inspection failure
    • No Accidents, No harm to people
    • No damage to the environment
    • Reliable Hydrocarbon Transportation
  • Continuing to be cost competitive
  • Our Accreditations