Flow Assurance Solutions

Optimisation of flow rates through data analysis and corrective action.

Pipelines are still the most efficient and safe means of transporting liquids and or gases today. It is essential that a pipeline operates on a continuous basis and that the required throughput is maintained and managed within the normal capex and operational budgets. Regular pigging is an essential element of an operators flow assurance and pipeline integrity strategy and is fundamental to safe, efficient and continuous operation for several reasons including but not limited to:

  • Removal of deposits, debris and or foreign objects that may cause damage to a pipeline or process
  • Removal of deposits, debris, liquid or solid that might otherwise restrict or reduce flow
  • Removal of deposits, liquids, solids or bacterium that may induce or support corrosion growth
  • Provide timely information and data of developing or perceived problems allowing informed decisions to be made
  • To monitor and manage the operating parameters and condition of the pipeline

P2D are able to provide a wide range of flow assurance pigging services from start up right through to de-commissioning. Typical services include:

  • Pigging Feasibility Studies
  • Piggability Assurance Reports
  • Onshore pigging trials and Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Development and implementation of start-up and operational maintenance pigging strategies
  • Development and implementation of specialised cleaning strategies for the long-term management of pipewall deposition build up i.e. wax and scale removal
  • Development and implementation of operational pigging procedures and risk assessments for all aspects of pipeline pigging
  • Intelligent cleaning and operational pigging strategies utilising the P2D range of ATEX certified pipeline survey technologies
  • Operational data acquisition, analysis and management
  • Operational flow modelling, single and multiphase
  • Our Accreditations