The P2D Retrofit

Minimise risk with P2D’s unique approach harnessing leading technology with trusted existing pigging equipment.

In order to achieve the best results with minimal risk, customers may choose take advantage of P2D’s unique ‘Retrofit’ offering.

Here, P2D will work with clients to select a ‘carrier’ pig (usually one purpose built for the pipeline, with a proven track record of run success) and then Retrofit industry-leading technology to it.

This way, specific nuances of the pipeline can be further mitigated, while high level data and intelligence can be gathered as part of a routine pig run.


The advantages to this approach:

  • Add 'intelligence' to routine pig runs
  • Lower risk on problematic pipelines
  • Bespoke technology to fit exact requirements for desired outcomes

The P2D Retrofit

A full P2D Retrofit with PPT capabilities

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