Operational Pigging

Helping maximise throughput & the reliable transportation of hydrocarbons.

Pipeline pigging plays an important part of any operators flow assurance and pipeline integrity management strategy. Routine pigging of pipelines is implemented to maximise operational throughput, ensure continuous operation and remove debris or deposits (liquid or solid) that may restrict flow or induce corrosion growth.

P2D has identified and addressed an industry need to provide intelligent pipeline cleaning, production and maintenance pigging that is supported with tailored pipeline pigging solutions utilising multi-channel data logging, debris mapping and measurement, active speed control systems, advanced geometry surveys and pipeline profiling as part of a pipeline operators on-going flow assurance and integrity management strategy.

P2D can provide a wide range of infield support and management to all aspects of operational pigging associated with onshore and offshore pipeline systems that would typically include:

  • Piggability studies, for initial feasibility and also piggabilty assurance.
  • Development and implementation of pigging strategies for routine pigging, cleaning and or pre-inspection.
  • Development and implementation of intelligent pipeline cleaning strategies for longterm production pigging
  • Development and implementation of intelligent pipeline cleaning programs ahead of inline metal loss inspection
  • Planning and execution of intelligent pipeline cleaning campaigns.
  • Project management of intelligent pigging campaigns
  • Operational pigging to improve pipeline flow by the removal of wax and scale
  • Management of routine pipeline pigging campaigns
  • Pig refurbishment
  • Pig Management System (P²MS) – P2D’s unique software system designed and developed with pipeline operators for the management and assessment of production pigging operations from pig running, reporting, refurbishment, performance monitoring and management right through to operational logistics.

All of the above can be supported using P2D Technologies

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