Pig Cleaning, Maintenance & Refurbishment

Full service maintenance, cleaning and refurbishment of pigging equipment, combined with efficient logistics management.

As part of a fully integrated approach to pig management and pipeline maintenance, Pipelines 2 Data offer a full service pig cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment programme.

Using our fully functional HQ facilities, we take care of everything from initial inspection reports, thorough cleaning, stripping and re-assembly, to load testing and inspection, ready for call-off at any time.

Customers are kept fully up to date with current status of their pigging equipment, while P2D takes care of everything involved in this process.

P2D Pig Cleaning & Refurbishment

  • Initial inspection (PCR)Aberdeen HQ
  • First stage cleaning
  • Assessment of condition
  • Strip-down pig
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Replacement of any required parts
  • Re-assemble to agreed configuration
  • NDT/load testing of any lifting points (if required)
  • Final inspection (PIR)
  • Store/transit to platform

Storage & Spare Parts

  • All pigs stored within P2D’s secure facility.
  • Spare parts for inventory held (any procurement upon agreement only)
  • Gauge plates, discs etc…
  • CNC machining

P2D Pig Management

  • Pigs made ready for client operations
  • P2D look after mobilisation
  • Pigging performance & recommendations
  • Contingency management (re-start pigs, contingency pigs, foam etc.
  • Tracking, MagSig’s etc.
  • Our Accreditations