PET - Pipeline Environment Tool 


The PET is an ATEX certified multi-channel, self-contained, data logging instrument that can be fitted to standard pigs ranging from 8” – 56”.

A cost effective solution for many pipeline flow problems, the PET can be adapted to fit inside the customer’s own pig or is available ready cupped.

It is a self-contained pipeline data logger which is pressure switch activated, microprocessor controlled with onboard non-volatile memory and power supply.

The PET has been designed to be flexible in that different types of sensors can be added to the versatile electronics framework. This allows the PET to be configured to suit the client’s requirements by the addition of more or ‘special’ sensors e.g. 6 axis MEMS unit used for vertical profiling of the pipeline along with accurate bend measurement, conductivity used when measuring a liquids level on conductivity.


Pipeline Conditioning Monitoring

The PET can be run as part of a pigging programme that monitors pipeline conditions at different times, events and flow rates. It can also be used to perform a reconnaissance pig run prior to an intelligent tool checking the pipeline condition is suitable for the IP passage.

Pipeline Pressure and Temperature Profiles

Pipeline pressure and temperature profiles can be used to pinpoint areas of hold-up in the pipeline, such as dents and wax/scale build-up. The information can be utilised in conjunction with pipeline modelling software and used to establish pipeline insulation effectiveness and assist in inhibitor selection.

Pipeline Velocity Profile

Odometer wheels provide an accurate, direct measurement of distance travelled along the pipeline and pig velocity within the pipeline. This information can be used to pin-point anomalies identified within the pipeline as well as evaluate anticipated product flow rates produced by flow modelling software.

Semi-intelligent Multiple Pigging Capabilities

Run as a gauge pig, the information recorded by the PET will identify exactly where any gauge-plate damage occurred in the pipeline. A PET mounted onboard cleaning, scraper, gauging or other utility pig can provide a concurrent indication of the pipelines cleanliness, geometry and operational conditions.

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